Universities and international students are a big part of ChampAmerica’s mission of early talent development.  ChampAmerica is proud to offer new workshops developed in collaboration with universities and student groups to provide additional help for international students with their U.S. job search process.  


Our workshops draw on our own experience as former international students who found success in the U.S. and our ability to incorporate the “hope-action” career development model into the process.  Through engaging conversations, interactive practice, peer feedback, participants transform their perspectives and renew their confidence to take control of their own career development.   


Customer Testimonies:


“Thank you so much for presenting such a dynamic and engaging workshop for our students on the Art of Storytelling for Job Interview! We found it to be very insightful and informative. You are very talented and we truly appreciated the opportunity to learn from your expertise.” – Director, University of Career Services


“Heather is the best career coach for international students and she does something that no one else has done for me – she inspired me.  I feel confident that I can do this, and I can overcome the challenges ahead of me.”

Most Demanded Workshops in 2019
International Students: How to Navigate Your U.S. Job Search in the Current Environment?



A holistic view on how to approach job search in the current environment, this workshop summarizes the advice into the following: be strategic, be prepared, be confident, be humble, and be fun.  


  • An overall view of the job and visa environments international students face

  • Be strategic: have a career plan, know yourself and your environment

  • Be prepared: resume, cover letter, mentally prepared that you might fail a few times before seeing successes



The Art of Storytelling for Interviews



During job interviews, most applicants simply answer questions by summarizing their education, job history, and current situation - all information that the interviewer already knows from reading their resumes. How boring and what a waste of time!


  • What is the framework of a good story? (explanation and application of STAR method)

  • What are some important values you should demonstrate in your story?


Networking Clinic



Networking is one of the biggest obstacles to finding a job in the U.S. This workshop uses experiential learning to help students visualize the do’s and don’ts of networking by utilizing excerpts of the ChampAmerica video class on professional networking.


  • The professional networking class shows students and professionals demonstrating various scenarios (office visits, conferences, networking conversations in social settings, follow-up meetings, and thank-you emails, etc.)

  • By using the visual teaching tool, students are provided with an opportunity to contrast the “right” and “wrong” ways to network


Phone and One-Way Interview Clinic



Phone and automated interviews (a.k.a., one-way interviews) are the most common forms of screening used by employers nowadays. However, most international students feel uncomfortable with these types of interviews due to the lack of in-person, human interaction, time limitations, and general anxiety.


  • Walk students through the typical format and content of one-way interviews and the built-in AI enabled analysis (tone, facial expression, body language, key words, etc.) to rank candidates

  • Share tips for successful small talk during phone interviews


In addition, we offer the workshops below:

1. Sample Job Search Workshops:


  • A Winning Job Search Strategy for International Students

    • Data talks - How to find out who is sponsoring through easy research & set a networking strategy

    • Differentiation & cultural fit – the key to your success

    • How to answer the question “do you require sponsorship”?


  • The American Communication Style and Business Etiquette

    • From “cut to the chase” to the sports jargons – how do Americans communicate?

    • The American sense of humor

    • The important business etiquette in the professional world

  • The Mindset Change - English resumes for Non-Native English Speakers

    • Most common mistakes non-native English speakers make in their resumes

    • Your American resume – how to create a platform to market yourself


  • What’s Up? – American Small Talk Do’s and Don’ts

    • How to address your own anxiety

    • Proper topics and etiquette

    • Develop a few small talk subjects and practice with the group

  • The Nonverbal Cues that Can Change the Outcome of Your Interview

    • An interactive group session to gain awareness of their own body language

    • Tips on hand shake, posture, eye contact, voice, etc. 


  • Effective English Writing for Job Search: Nail the Networking Emails and Cover Letters

    • Taking candidates through examples of good cover letters and emails, and help them come up their own boilerplate letters

    • Group sharing and feedback

    • Understand how to tweak the letters based on job requirements and circumstances


2. Sample 2018 Industry Subject Matter Expert Workshop


ChampAmerica maintains strong connections with Subject Matter Experts and senior professionals in Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Computer Science & Information Systems, Human Resources, Legal, etc.  Leveraging these relationships, we can organize and deliver industry webinars that cover broad and current interest.

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