What you wear to your next job interview might be more important than you think. Why? On a job interview, your attire makes a statement about yourself before you even open your mouth. Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, and appearance affects hiring decisions. This is why Americans often say "dress for the job you want, and not the job you have". Although most people know what "business formal" means, many commit fatal errors that could produce immediate negative impressions. ChampAmerica's special guest coach - Maria Santoro is here to provide style coaching to help you put your best self in front of others, and give you the confidence you need through a polished exterior!

Style Coaching - Work Style 3~4h Single Coaching Session: Dress you for work

  • ●      Learn about the dress code for American workplace

    ●      Personal style consultation and create a brand new image

    ●      Personalized guidance on clothing, makeup, and hair

    ●      VIP shopping experience

  • Maria will get to know you in person or via virtual meeting.  She will review your current style to get a sense of your wardrobe inventory and suggest the key items to leverage on or alterations that could make your current items "work harder".  Based on her observation and style instincts, she will recommend additional pieces that you can purchase to make your wardrobe more well-rounded.  You will go on an accompanied shopping trip where Maria provide personal guidance on item selection and alteration advice, She will also recommend hair/makeup for you, and can connect you with the service provider if desired. (Note: the fee does not including clothing/ hair and makeup service.) 

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