Are you a job seeker who is wondering where to find people to network with in this current environment? Do you consider yourself an introvert who feels overwhelmed by the idea of networking? Are you terrified of the virtual career fairs, interviews, or corporate presentations?


If any of that sounds like you, you need to take the first step in preparing yourself for the post COVID-19 world of career planning. Virtual networking will be an integral part of our lives, and you need to master this skill ASAP.


Please join ChampAmerica’s coach Heather Lu-Lasky for "Networking Virtually for Your Career Success,” where you will learn the "who, when, where and how" of virtual networking, build your own networking strategies, and create a unique vault of tools to tackle the real- world problems. You will interact with professionals to practice virtual networking, receive real-time feedback, and learn from a small group of like-minded peers to enhance your own skills.


This event has one session. The class will last about 60 minutes and will include hands-on practice to help you overcome anxiety and gain the confidence you need to find success.

Networking&Networking Virtually Workshop


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