This module includes behavioral interviews, technical interviews, industry knowledge and open topics. Based on Module I’s revamped resume and interview strategy planning, this module aims to complete your interview script design and practice.

Interview Strategies and Practical Application

    • Design and practice of your behavioral interview scripts
    • Behavioral interview practice: articulate your resume stories and show your personality
    • Technical knowledge preparation: insights into the industry and how to answer technical questions
    • Advanced mock interviews: take control of the interview, manage time and topics, and develop rapport with the interviewer
  • This module includes four 90-minute one-to-one coaching sessions, directly with senior industry practitioners. Before each session, the coach will review the latest resume. Coaches will help the candidates prepare for behavioral interviews, technical interviews, industry knowledge and open topics, and design interview scripts. Coaches and candidates will practice to control the interview flow and prepare for open questions. After each session, candidates continue to practice to improve the storytelling based on the advice of the coaches. Coaches and candidates will maintain communication through WeChat, email, and telephone to resolve any problems in a timely manner. Each coach will provide a quantitative analysis after each session in order to trend the progress of the candidates.

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