Forming each of your past experiences on the resume as a “mini story”, we help you present them in a coherent manner and with precise/refined language to reflect your growth and personality. We integrate your unique and valuable materials, and help you develop your “mini stories” so that they are polished and well-suited for the desired job. As a result, we create a personal brand that meets the cultural and professional needs for your targeted industry.

Resume Building

  • The module contains four 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with senior industry professionals. Before the first session, candidates will fill out the “Pre-session Questionnaire” in order for the coaches to better understand the candidates’ backgrounds. The coach will help the candidate to revise the resume. After each session, the candidate will continue to improve his/her stories and practice articulating the storytelling based on the advice of the coaches. Coaches and candidates will maintain communication through WeChat, email, and telephone, and address any problems in a timely manner. Each coach will provide a quantitative analysis after each session in order to trend the progress of the candidates. See sample resume here.

    • A customized resume that fits precisely to your professional needs
    • Resume stories that speak to the job requirements
    • Customized “personal brand” that fits the culture and professional standards
    • Establishment of self-awareness and confidence which shape the interview strategies (described in Module II)

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