Career Exploration
A Online Class Series to help You Navigate
the "World of Work"


Technology is changing everything about the way that we live.  It is profoundly changing traditional industries and our definition of “work.” A career in the 21st century will requires many new skill-sets and adaptive knowledge - are you prepared for it?


Rather than relying on information from friends and family which can often be limited or biased, ChampAmerica is presenting you with a comprehensive series of career exploration classes.


These mini courses focus on some of the most promising career fields which are poised to grow in the coming decades. Our speakers are real industry professionals with a rich set of experiences and a  passion for mentoring.


We leveraged the ideology of career clusters, pathways and occupations as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and our  classes are curriculum-based. There are pre-readings, post quizzes, and a glossary for each subject to help you gain a deeper understanding of the profession and the industry as a whole


The purpose of the class is to help you gain specific industry insights without necessarily working in it yourself or knowing anyone that does work in said industry. In this highly competitive job market, it is  advantageous to develop a career plan ahead of time. So join us, open up your horizons,  and lay a solid foundation for your future careers!

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